Audit / General Ledger Reconciliation

Objective evaluation of an organization’s financial reports and financial reporting processes. The primary purpose for financial audits is to give regulators, investors, directors, and manager’s reasonable assurance that financial statements are accurate and complete. Is the process performed by accountants to verify the integrity of account balances on the company’s general ledger of accounts. It involves comparing the general ledger account balances with other independent systems, statements, and reports, to verify that the balances are correct and accurate; investigating thoroughly any discrepancies that are identified; and taking proper corrective actions to resolve these discrepancies.


  • Prepare a complete audit of all bookkeeping & accounting records to locate any discrepancies, errors or possible embezzlement
  • Prepare reports of findings to all pertinent parties

General Ledger Reconciliation

  • Verify that all transactions are posted correctly & reported properly on the financial statements
  • This is performed with ALL monthly full service bookkeeping, as well tying into the Auditing of financial records as well.