What Our Clients Are Saying About Us.

Kim has been invaluable to our growing company. Having an outside bookkeeper allows for internal controls and an extra set of eyes on the financials. She has been very technology savvy with advanced knowledge of QuickBooks and the systems ability to dial into our VPN making it easy to do business with her. Kim has shown a genuine interest in keeping us in compliance and aware of any areas of the financials that we should be paying closer attention to. She is a very loyal, reliable and accessible partner to our company.
Patty Comer – Business Owner

KAC Bookkeeping has helped our business recover from some bad financial business decisions in the past. This year alone she has helped us reduce our Workers Compensation insurance costs by almost $20,000! K.A.C. Bookkeeping has also been a valuable asset to us, not only with her expertise with QuickBooks, but her overall business knowledge. They have implemented new policy and procedures for us follow in our business, which allows us to run more efficiently in our manufacturing business. Overall, K.A.C. Bookkeeping has provided us such an invaluable service that they now serve as one of our Board Members.
Lisa L. – Business Owner

KAC Bookkeeping has been keeping our books for us since day one of our company. We are very pleased and honored to have them working with us. KAC has helped my company grow and double in size in the last 4 years. Without KAC keeping up with our invoicing, accounts, contracts, etc., we would be unable to reach our goals. Top of the line people with vision!
Mike Burnett – Business Owner